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People say be yourself but it should be ‘better yourself’. What is the one thing that pushes you to become better of yourself everyday? is it the almighty you believe in? No,its the inner strength which makes uh feel that hell yes you are worth than what uh think you are.


tum mombattiyan jalate reh jaaoge, morche chalate reh jaaoge,yahan fir koi baap apni beti ka sanskar kr k wapas aaegabs yaad rakhna ki agar raste me mulaqat ho gaito zabaan pe kon sa jawaab aaega.

not really!

The system running these days across the country has made itself for changing the view of the very famous saying i.e. a person is innocent until proven guilty.But the very society we ‘survive’ into has taken things for granted and has turned up as “A man is guilty until proven innocent’, WHY? just because heContinue reading “not really!”

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